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hot writerSara Thomas has been a writer, editor, and digital marketing manager for the past 15 years. She holds a BA in Classical Languages from Duquesne University and an MA from the University of Cincinnati’s College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning.

Her features on interiors, garden design and luxury lifestyle have appeared in American Lifestyle Magazine, The Dayton Daily News and its partner publications, The Dayton City Paper, The Examiner, and many more. As a freelancer, she also wrote for private clients including Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate, Eversave, and Apartments.com.

Sara was named a 2012-2013 J. William Fulbright finalist in Creative Writing. Her fiction appears in literary magazines and in the anthology First-Hand Stories (Aurore Press). She is passionate about creating engaging, approachable fiction with a feminist, contemporary take on familiar themes.

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The Date, Where We Start From, Into the Sunset, The Wrong Reasons, Weave the Sunshine, The Dream Kingdom, Alchemy, Fatherly, New In Town, Equal Footing

A few of the above are prequels, but each book builds on the last in terms of character development and ongoing storylines. Alchemy and Fatherly are technically the final two stories from another series that I haven’t published (but may someday if there is enough interest). Since Olivia and Trevor play big roles in the Pedigree series, I pulled their stories out and added them to the collection.

The longest has been about 5 months (The Dream Kingdom) and the quickest turnaround was 4 weeks (Where We Start From)! On average, it takes about eight weeks for a first draft to be completed. This is very fast to write a novel, and I’m not sure how it happens.

No! This wasn’t a last-resort, ‘I can’t get an agent’ decision. I’d rather spend more time creating content and connecting with readers than sending out a million query letters. I also prefer to retain creative control over the work and its marketing direction, as well as earn back more in royalties than in traditional publishing.

Nah. They’re products of my imagination. Any ‘real people’ they’re inspired by are my unfortunate family members and not public figures. First names, last names, school names, all of it is used in a completely fictitious manner.

I don’t live there, but I spent a big part of my childhood, up until my early 20s, visiting New England and had family in Boston. My very first plane trip at age 8 months was to Boston! New England is one of my all-time favorite places and the site of some very fond memories. My ancestors also settled in Massachusetts and Connecticut after coming over from England, so I have that connection to the area, too.

The Boston of this series is definitely a bit fictionalized, I admit.

Noooo, that’s a total coincidence! I stole it from my own damn family. Like the Hugheses, we take it super seriously! Do you know how ridiculously far a croquet ball can travel along a beach? Have you ever hit a croquet ball into ‘the rough’? And yes, balls are always played from the pond!

Yes, and most writers do. I work in marketing/PR as a digital content coordinator.

It’s a bit haphazard and hard to explain. I don’t create outlines, but I do write the book jacket description to keep myself focused. Sometimes (most times), the book veers from the original description, and I’m here for it. I like them to grow beyond my vision and feel organic as opposed to very pre-planned.

When I started writing, it wasn’t going to be a series, but I’ve really enjoyed getting to know the ten million characters I’ve created. After about Book 3, the ‘Pedigree Series’ was definitely a thing, so now I’m always thinking a few books ahead. I often take a short break between books to mull the next, which is important - some of the books would have been much different without my breathing space.

I don’t know! I didn’t want to write about the Gen Z characters, but here we are, and I love it.

Updating this one because I now have an answer - as much as I hate to contemplate the end of the series, it will be fifteen books long. (This doesn't include the prequels Alchemy and Fatherly). To date, I have completed 11 of the books. The final book will deal with a specific character who seems like a fitting end to this series, but I'm not going to give away any more than that.

I don’t exactly draw inspiration from other works of fiction. Up until I had my daughter, I was never without a book or three to read, but honestly, haven’t read much since becoming a parent. I’m usually busy working my day job, creating content, taking care of my family, renovating my house, doing all the life things, which doesn’t leave much time for it.

I’m not a big crime/mystery person, but I really like Tana French (The Likeness is my favorite). I don’t think Barbara Boswell is writing anymore, and a lot of her books are out of print, but she’s one of the few romance authors I like. She writes about large families with huge casts of characters and manages to give each person a very distinctive personality. Otherwise, I enjoy reading poetry more than novels - if you read the series, you’ll see this in T.S. Eliot superfan Poppy - but I definitely cannot write poetry to save my life! A genre I don’t enjoy is historical fiction - The Dream Kingdom set in the late 1970s is as far back as I’ll go - but I do adore the classics. I still re-read Little Women and The Secret Garden every year, plus I love Jane Austen, German Romanticism, Goethe, and many works from Ancient Greek/Latin literature.

The biggest sources of inspiration for my work aren’t other novelists, but visual art, music, and travel.

Please note that the series contains discussion of certain situations and occasionally certain language that may be disturbing to some readers. Specific instances are noted below. May contain spoilers.
The Date - Sexual assault
Where We Start From - Alcohol abuse
The Wrong Reasons - Emotional/verbal domestic abuse, child abuse
Weave the Sunshine - Sexual assault, premature birth/child in NICU, alcohol abuse