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Hi, I’m Sara! I started this blog in 2021 to share home decor, classic style, and my fiction series.

Since 2016, we’ve been been slowly but surely renovating our 1904 home to showcase its historic charm while keeping it a functional and comfortable family space. I love interior design and previously covered the design world as a freelance writer. I have an MA from the College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning at the University of Cincinnati. One of my favorite things to do as a freelancer was write about the Dayton Philharmonic Designer Showhouse fundraiser every year!

I also love classic style and believe deeply that a wardrobe should be timeless and sustainable. You’ll never see fast fashion on this site, but you’ll definitely see me wear favorite pieces over and over again.

In 2021, I took the leap and published my novel series, Pedigree. This series of 15 (yes, 15) books – six are out now – follows a close-knit group of powerful Boston families as they reel from the death of one of their own. Honestly, it’s hard to summarize. A lot of stuff happens in 15 books. If you love family dramedies and character-driven fiction (and maybe own a tennis sweater), you’ll enjoy this series. I started dictating stories to my mom when I was in first grade and have been writing ever since! One of the high points was being named a 2012-2013 J. William Fulbright finalist in Creative Writing. My fiction has appeared in literary magazines and in the anthology First-Hand Stories (Aurore Press). I’ve also been widely published as a freelance journalist. I’m now the digital content manager for an amazing nonprofit museum foundation after working more than ten years in the public sector.

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Author. Classic style. Period home.


Author. Classic style. Period home.