We’re growing! Pedigree Series update

We’re growing! Pedigree Series update

Hate Jeff Bezos? I get it. I debated on publishing through Amazon, but it’s honestly the best platform for independent authors at this time. However, if you really, really despise Amazon and don’t want to send JB to the moon, I have exciting news for you.

The Pedigree Series distribution has expanded! The Date is now available at Barnes & Noble, and Books 1-4 are available at Books A Million. I’m linking each title below because the BAM site search feature isn’t finding them just yet. It’s all so new.

As far as I know, the books are only available for online purchase through the expanded retailers at the moment, but if you ask your local stores nicely, they might order some paperbacks or hardcover copies for people to buy in store. Couldn’t hurt to check. Couldn’t hurt to slide the Hughes family onto the Staff Recs table. (I will send a pizza to anyone who does this. I’m serious. Take a pic of a Pedigree novel in the Featured section of your local bookstore, and a pizza gift card is yours, Book-It style.)

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Shop the series at Books A Million

The Date (Book 1)
Where We Start From (Book 2)
Into the Sunset (Book 3)
The Wrong Reasons (Book 4)

Learn more about the Pedigree series (Amazon links are on this page, too)